June 10, 2016

It's tea time again!

Parece mentira, mas não. A última vez que aqui estive foi em 2014 (ohhh lala!) e, apesar de na página do Facebook não estar tão ausente (os shenanigans tinham de ir para algum lado), acabei por estar bastante away de tudo isto. 

Finalmente, depois duma epifania de estou-quase-nos-30-o-que-porra-estou-eu-a-fazer-á-minha-vida, decidi virar tudo do avesso, concentrar-me no meu trabalho de sonho e em outros sonhos que podem ou não levar mais tempo a realizar-se.

Assim sendo, e assim a La Cerise o permita, vou voltar com os shenanigans do costume, os gostos não convencionais, e muitas receitas fancy. 

Quem quiser ficar por aqui, a acompanhar estas tretas todas, vai fazer-me muy feliz. Até sou capaz de fazer docinhos para agradecer. Ou bombons. Ou muffins. Não, isto não é de todo um suborno. 

Prometo não voltar dois anos a regressar. *pinky swear*

See you next tea-ime,


November 26, 2014

Tea goes with...

Sweets. Candies. Cakes. Macarons. Cupcakes. And what if, these were at your feet? I mean, literally. The amazing Shoe Bakery made my dream shoes come true with their stunning creations. I believe the pictures speak for themselves.
Bon apetit ;)

     I am definitely not a high-heel person, but oh my, these are to-die-for.




November 23, 2014

I Like Birds (and you should too!)

Since my store is on Bigcartel, I tend to search for other handmade artists and stores - we all need to help each other! The other day, I've discovered the adorable I Like Birds, a little brand founded in 2007 with some serious cute stuff.

Of course I fell in love with these little guys - Hi birdieeee!

And obviously, this one is what this really is all about!
I Love Tea - so adorable!

You can order these and many more pieces here - - and the shipping to Portugal is really cheap, only £2.00!

This Christmas, support handmade artists!




November 22, 2014

Oops I did it again.

Forgive me Lord for I have sinned. Again. I've been so busy, and the Blog gets carried away.

Still, I have been enjoying these Winter days, full of rain.

Photos from Pinterest.

And the work-non-stop at La Cerise continues. Last month I've had a blast at the Lisbon Tattoo Convention - Tattoo& Rock Festival. Now it's get-everything-ready-for-Christmas time, my favourite time of the year. Of course the work doubles, but that's a good sign.

I'm currently working on some adorable and handmade pot holders. This makes the coolest Christmas gift. And I'm so anxious to make a set for me. I want to see my kitchen all pimped out!

Yes mommy, I'm trying my best to come here more often.
In the meantime, and if by all means, you're still interested on all the nonsense's I post, feel free to follow me, specially on FB and IG!